Friday, September 23, 2005

So many TV shows, so little time!

Damn there are so many TV shows arriving on DVD that I don't know which ones I have to buy! Indeed not only TV shows still on the air are released on DVD to increase their audience (Alias initiated the trend by releasing seasons 1 & 2 in order to promote season 3); but former TV shows are also getting released at a fast pace! Productions companies finally seem to realize the commercial potential there.

Where to begin??!! Star Trek (all the series); E.R.; The X-Files; MacGyver, Columbo, etc.
I don't know about you but I have only a handful of TV shows I buy regularly on DVD mostly because I don't feel I would have the time to watch more! I still have to watch my "Lost - The Complete First Season" DVD boxset :-)

And most of all, while some are cheap: Seinfeld Season 1&2 on $33; some are not!! Star Trek TNG Season 1: $112!! No comment...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

2 good links

2 good resources for people who like watching TV shows on DVD:

- perhaps the best website on the net.
- The Home Theater Forum: a forum about TV shows, including an index about incomplete TV DVDs (buyers beware!).

TV on DVD!

Some people may argue about the interest to watch TV shows on DVD. Let me put forward a few reasons to convince them:
- Some TV shows are - like a well known web site likes to say - "better than most motion pictures" and thus deserve to be released on the best existing format.
- You can watch episodes in the correct order.
- You can watch it without commercial interruption.
- You can watch in DVD quality (sound + image).
- You do not have to wait each week for a new episode (especially important for some TV shows like 24 or Alias which often end with a cliffhanger...).
- Bonus materials are often included.

Still, I have to give some credit to the good old 4x3 broadcasting experience. How exciting the summer of 1990 must have been: 3 months to wait and speculate about the conclusion of the exciting Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Best of Both Worlds”! :-)

And although I already have the DVDs, I will always love to watch reruns of Seinfeld on week nights on UPN!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lost: wow!

I have just bought the first season of Lost on DVD and I must say I am very impressed. I have only watched 3 episodes but so many things are great that I don't know where to begin.

"Stranded on an island that holds many secrets, 48 people must band together if they hope to get home alive"...

A few remarks (in no particular order):
- the music: brilliant! Michael Giacchino has surpassed himself from his already very good work on Alias (also a great TV show btw :p). 2 proofs of this: just listen to the music during the opening credits on the first episode or e.g. listen to the use of violins just after Jack sees the photo of Kate (on the third episode I believe) and realizes she is not who she says she is. Reminds me of Alias. Bravo!
- production values: obviously like a blockbuster summer movie. Just take a look at the opening sequence...
- direction: clever flashbacks...
- the story: wow; in the same vein as Alias, so many interesting characters, things going on, suspense, etc... And most of all, I cannot wait to know WHAT is out there...!!!
- the actors: very good work from all of them, as expected.

In a word, a brilliant TV show, without question one of the best currently on TV (along with 24 of course :p).


Very important P.S.: I have watched the show on DVD in 16x9 and it is the way to go! So much more immersive than your usual 4x3 tv. Hawaii has never looked better (it is where the show is shot).

My first post

It's Tuesday afternoon and this is my first post. I apologize first for my English since I am not a English native speaker :p.